Young Goddess Kim in Downsizing

Your boss calls you into the office and looks sternly at your progress report.
She has been making changes in the company and has been considering the option of letting go of some employees – you would be one of them. Luckily, there is one other option that would enable you to keep your job…
Your boss appears aroused as She begins to tell you about Her recent investment in a shrinking device.
A simple click of a button can shrink you down into a tiny little man the size of Her thumb.
She starts caressing Herself as She thinks about the possibilities of having Her desk drawer filled with tiny male employees.
Seeing your boss like this is making you rock hard. you start imagining how it would feel being shrunk down at Her mercy.
you look at Her sexy pantyhose legs, Her silver stilettos, and become so weak that you quickly agree to being Her first shrinking guinea pig.
She orders you to take off all your clothes before She presses the shrinking device button and you slowly start becoming smaller, smaller, until finally you are the size of a matchbox.
She laughs in delight as She towers above your puny body.
Now you are truly helpless before your giant boss.
you try to shout out for her to turn you back to normal size but nothing but a little mouse squeak comes out of your mouth.
your sexy giant boss feels the massive power she now has and starts taking advantage of the fact that with one hard step of Her stiletto She could crush your bones like a bug beneath Her sole.
She removes Her shoe and rubs Her pantyhose toes in your face laughing.
Suddenly She becomes ravenous as She realises how delicious you smell….
Just a little taste, She says….
Soon your face and body is covered in Her spit as She licks your tiny naked body with Her giant tongue.
you squirm between Her long black fingernails, but your fate is inevitable….
She gulps you down whole as Her lunch, satisfied…for you make your way all the way down….