Tsarina Baltic in Chastity Treatment

It’s been such a big struggle for you to come to terms with your exceptionally pathetic sex life, you’ve tried so many ways to change, strive to be an alpha, but you always failed miserably. Your treatment specialist hasn’t seen any progress, you’re the hardest case with no improvements, it’s time to call you for what you are, a loser. There is one more option for you, the nuclear option, to just face it, with the power of mesmerizing mindscaping, total brain reprogramming, you will just live shameless obssessed with chastity, loserdom, femdom and having your cock denied 24/7. You’re a lost cause, a shameful embarrassing excuse of a male specimen, there is no hope for you, you are meant for nothing but permanent chastity treatment. All in good time though, first you must go through the loserification process, accept the truth for what you are a chastity slave, a loser reject, unfuckable and left locked down for good. You were meant to serve and keep yourself corked up, til your brain can barely function from all that clogged up cum you’ve been brewing, practically bursting all the time, leaking in that tight metal little cage, having your cock shrivel up more, getting hugged by that heavy cock cage.

  • Post published:18/10/2022
  • Post category:Femdom