Tall Goddess Gia – New Rolling Partner Turned Foot Bitch 10.12.2020 Clips4Sale

Scene opens with Gia bending down to kneel in front of the camera.
"So it looks like it’s you and me" she says with a smile "Thanks for staying after class with me. You’re very sweet, I’m glad sensei paired us up. Well, full confession I requested to be paired up with you. I know you’re new, but the thought of destroying you on the mat is just too delicious" Gia goes on to explain some of the ways she could crush her opponent in a match, and emphasizing that the viewer belongs to her now. She then shifts and shows off her feet to her partner pressing them towards their face and pointing them sensually.
"Now it’s important we get off on the right "foot," we’ll be spending a lot of time together, and I want to make sure you are comfortable taking my orders. Lick and kiss my feet. You’ll be doing this before and after every practice" as she smiles and coos, telling her partner to kiss them like they mean it, she finally remarks "oh, You love it, I knew I picked my partner right. Remember this baby, I own all of your body now to break, crush, or throw as I see fit. right?"
"Good boy – Can’t wait to roll with you"