SecretLittle in Puke n’ Pour

SecretLittle is an adorable little amateur porn creator and this is her first experiencing making a puke video. She says in the beginning this may be the most intense video she’s ever done up to that point. She admits that she’s feeling pretty nervous but she’s determined to make this fantasy come true for the viewer.

To prep for this video, she drank a giant green smoothie as well as a ton of water to make sure she’s super full and very hydrated. She equips herself with 2 very large dildos to help her trigger her gag reflex, and she has a bowl and a jar with her to catch all of her puke.

The video proceeds with her making herself puke multiple times and eventually pouring her puke on herself, including her face. She talks to the viewer throughout as well. You can definitely tell that this is outside of her comfort zone, but she keeps going and really gives it her all.

If you’re a fan of tiny girls puking, I think you’ll enjoy this.