Saph & Rubie in Lesbian Slave Mind ControI ManyVids

It’s a dark and stormy night, Saph is alone on the couch when she hears a knock at the door. It’s Rubie, but Saph doesn’t know her. She says her car broke down and asks if she could use saph’s phone. Saph agrees, why not? This woman seems innocent. Saph offers Rubie her phone but Rubie ignores it and asks if Saph is home alone or expecting anyone. Saph says no, but she’s a little weirded out. She tells Rubie to just make her call and leave. Rubie laughs and flashes her teeth. She’s a vampire! Rubie grabs her by the hair, ignoring her struggling, she looks into her eyes, h ypnotizing her with an intense stare.And just like that, Saph becomes her lesbian slave. Rubie then orders her new slave to strip. Saph gets naked and Rubie likes what she sees. Now it’s time to put that tongue of hers to good use. Saph tells Rubie that she’s straight, wondering why she’s compelled to get on her knees anyway. Rubie smiles, and Saph complies with the order, and everything else Rubie demands enthusiastically.

  • Post published:20/12/2021
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