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I know how anxious you feel every time you have sex, especially with a new partner. You’re terrified of cumming too soon. You worry that she won’t cum. You wonder if she regrets sharing her body with you and will go back to one of the men from her past, someone much better endowed, more sexually gifted and blessed with endless stamina. A man who is sexually superior to you in every way.

Start stroking your cock lightly using just 2 fingers without touching the head. Stroke very lightly and very slowly. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve tried as hard as you could, but you’re just not talented at fucking. For years you’ve read, heard and watched hundreds of hours of material to learn how to fuck better, but your cock is nothing special and you never could last very long anyway, so why keep struggling?

Trust me, no woman wants you inside her for even 5 minutes. It’s pointless for you to try so hard to last longer in bed because your cock may not be small, but it’s barely average and you’re just not good at sex anyway, so the best thing you can do for yourself and for women is to train yourself to cum as quickly as possible.

Keep stroking, but don’t speed up. Look at me. There’s no way you could ever handle even looking at me. Just the sight of my perfect breasts would make even penetrating me a challenge for someone like you. Even if I let you, you could never actually fuck me. Keep stroking. A real premature ejaculator can’t even handle the sight of a woman’s bare breasts and will hopelessly ejaculate within mere seconds of seeing a woman topless. This is what you are going to learn to do.

You’re going to become a prejac. That’s what your kind are called. Embrace it and be proud because it means that you’ve accepted that you’ll never be sexually equal to any man. There are men who can pleasure a woman beyond anything you can even imagine. And that’s okay. Some men are amazing at fucking. You just happen to be terrible at it. But you love orgasms. You love cumming more than anything else, and the ONLY thing that feels better than cumming, is cumming as fast as possible. So relax. Relax and let go. Become a prejac.

You’re not capable of pleasing a woman with your cock. You never will be. So if you want to be a good partner, the best thing you can do for a woman is to finish as fast as you can. With practice, in time, just seeing my bare breasts will be enough to make you ejaculate within seconds.

In this video Raquel Roper is wearing a see-through top and starts telling you that you’re so terrible at fucking that the best thing you can do is train yourself to cum prematurely, then she removes her top to help you cum faster.