RADA & SKYLAR in Greet your new Mistress, slave girl! Licking girls feet

Skylar is a beautiful and an old friend of Rada’s. She knew that Rada had many slaves, and today Rada invited her to meet one of them. Rada chose the slave marina because she considers her the most educated of all her slaves. The girls entered the room and marina was already faithfully waiting for them on her knees. "Meet .. This is your new Mistress Skylar! From now on, you will follow all her orders as well as mine! Greet her!" – Said Rada to marina. The slave began to greet, compliment and bow to Skylar. She idolized her and kissed her hands, big ass and shoes. "This is my first time seeing a slave.. But I like how she idolizes me. I feel a strong superiority over her and this is a cool feeling. I want to see more how she humiliates herself in front of us.. can she lick our feet?" Skylar asked. "Of course she can! Now she’s your slave and you can do whatever you want with her." Rada answered. The girls sat on the sofa and marina continued to bow and compliment. They ordered her to take off their shoes and smell them inside. "Don’t worry if your feet are sweaty and your shoes smell bad right now.. These slaves are honored to sniff your sweat." Rada said. Skylar ordered marina to lick her sweaty soles and very slowly. marina tried her best to impress her new Mistress. She slowly and carefully licked the sweat from Skylar’s feet, not forgetting Rada’s feet. Skylar are enjoying her first experience and will use slaves from now on.