Queen Miss Misha in Suffer For Sadistic Queen Misha Club Stiletto

In this scene sexy Queen Misha has her slave bound to the St Andrews Cross. She starts out slowly with a string flogger before switching to a heavy leather one. Once warmed up she pulls out a brutal chain metal flogger and really gets the slave squirming. The slaves cries of pain make Misha giggle.

She switches now to a short leather paddle with a small striking surface. It looks gentle but but because the blows are all in a small area it hurts more than one might think. Now for the finally Misha reaches for a rattan cane. She has the slave lift a foot so she can strike the sole and then really focuses on the ass. She has him count out each stroke which gets harder and harder. Misha has worked up a sweat and tells the slave his next task will be licking her armpits.