Queen Elastica in Training My New Human Pet

You’re obsessed with me. You want to be mine. You want to be my favorite. You would do anything…I know about you. I caught you sniffing my shoes, rubbing your little cock all over them…humping my pillows…It looks like you need some training. I’m going to make you a good boy."

***You worship your gorgeous Goddess. Dressed in a nylon catsuit with a long zipper, she teases you, mesmerizes you as she pulls the zipper up and down. Goddess caught you being naughty, now it’s time for training. She puts a leash and collar on you, and puts a little bow on your dick to decorate it before locking it in chastity. She pushes her glorious shoes in your face for cleaning, then her stocking feet, and rewards you with spit straight from her lips. Goddess examines your mouth with her gloved finger, then a rectal exam, and finally she fills your little hole with a sparkly butt plug. What a pretty pet you are.***