Princess Miki – Manipulating My Brainless Piggy Through Tease and Denial Hitachi Edging 01.05.2021 HumiliationPOV

Princess Miki – Manipulating My Brainless Piggy Through Tease and Denial Hitachi Edging 01.05.2021 HumiliationPOV

Princess Miki uses intense tease and denial techniques in this clip. Edging his cock and using a hitachi on his balls and the head of his cock. This is 20 minutes of pure edging tease and denial tørture as she milks his brain and his wallet.

I’m going to edge his cock relentlessly without allowing him to cum. I’m going to edge his cock with my hands and use my hitachi on his balls and on the head of his cock to drive him crazy. I start with the hitachi on his balls, he can feel the vibrations running up and down his cock. His eyes are glazing over. He paid me to be unlocked and to have this done to him. And he’s so glad he did, even though he knows I’m not going to let him cum. And as torturous as this is, he feels so lucky. He could have this done to him for hours even though he knows it’s going to make him so fucking stupid. What a horny little idiot, he knows how lucky he is. (And for those of you watching this, you know how lucky he is, and you’re the same dumb idiots who would willingly volunteer to have the same thing done to you.)

His mind is going blank right now. ‘Does it feel good to lose all of your brain cells?’ Yes it does, he loves having his balls and ass stimulated by my vibrator while I edge his cock, he turns into a stupid mindless puppet. He’s such a stupid little piggy. He’s so lucky I’m doing this to him. Next I move my hitachi up to the head of his cock and that really mind fucks him and shuts down his brain. I can see his eyes go blank when I edge the tip of his cock with my vibrator. I can tell this is helping me get exactly what I want, which is for him to go completely blank. No more thinking. He can’t think when Princess touches his cock. What a fucking dumbass. I’m going to edge him and bring him right to the brink of orgasm over and over again, and then I’m going to back off, just a bit, to keep him on edge while denying his orgasm.

He’s going to thank me for doing this to him even though it means he can’t fucking think. He’s a bråindeåd idiot. And I’m going to keep doing this to him, bringing him so close and taking it away. It’s so much fun tørturing him like this. But I only do it to manipulate him. I stop touching his cock and watch it twitch in the air. Then I make him beg me for more, more tørture. He’s my horny little idiot, my little piggy. He begs and begs and finally I give him more. More edging, more tørture. ‘There goes your brain, everything went straight to your cock. And you know who controls your cock, right? I do. You might be an idiot but you know that much.’ He’s helpless against me and my hand and my vibrator. I’m equipped with all the tools I need to make him my dumb little idiot. And he Loves that. He loves being stupid for me. I’m making him horny only to make him more weak. I’m using his arousal against him.

The hitachi is driving him wild and turning him into my little puppet, so helpless, so stupid. I turn the vibrator off and put some lube on his cock. ‘And now you just feel my hand go up and down your cock, you can’t feel anything else. You want to give me everything. You feel compelled to do anything I ask of you because you’re just a horny little pervert, easily manipulated through your cock.’ (And what I’m going physically to him, I’m going mentally to you. You’re just as fucked as he is. And you enjoy watching his demise.) Then I make him thank me for tørturing him before I turn the hitachi on again. This just makes his mind go away. All he can feel is the pleasure from the vibrations, he can’t feel anything else, he can’t think about anything else. Just how good it feels to get his cock touched by me.

He deserves to be fucked over. He deserves to be ruined. Horny little perverts like him deserve this. He wants to give me everything. He’s just a horny perverted little piggy. I’m going to take everything he has. Every time I see him I’m going to let him out of chastity, only to tørture him again as I drain his wallet over and over again without allowing him to cum. He’s so fucked, he’s going to get dumber and dumber and make even stupider decisions. Every time he comes back he’s only going to get fucked over again. He pays to get used by me and toyed with by me and taken advantage of. His thoughts keep evaporating, no more thinking for my little dummy. He’s so stupid, all because of me and what I’ve done to him.

This is what he deserves. No orgasms for stupid perverts like him. He loves being used by a hot young brat like me, he’s so addicted to it. He’s just a stupid horny idiot, born to be my little piggy, born to be taken advantage of through his cock. That is what his cock is for. His cock is mine and I use it to control him. I use it ruin him. I use it to fuck him over. This is why I do it. And he thanks me for doing this to him every single time. He’s so grateful I do this to him. And it’s never going to end. But it is going to end for today. I’m going to leave him with blue balls and stick him back in his chastity cage. He’s going to make me rich because he can’t resist me. (And you all would do this too, you’d love to be made even dumber just so I can take even more from you.) I’m going to keep doing this to him until there’s nothing left. And he’ll be begging me to come back again soon to do this all over again.

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