Princess Miki in Permanent Virgin Loser

I like virgins, and I like it when they stay that way.

Some losers – miraculously – have had the opportunity to have sex with a real woman at some point in their lives, or actively have a woman in their lives that allows them to have sex regularly. They too are addicted to Me, but they have this thing called hope. Hope that someday, they will be able to break free from the chains of Femdom and live out a life of normalcy and vanilla sex.

You? You have no idea what sex feels like, and I encourage you to keep this your reality. You’ve made it this far without pussy, and it’s because remaining a virgin forever is your destiny. You’re a virgin at this point in your life for a reason: nobody wants your filthy sperm, and you just weren’t cut out for procreation.

This is your sex life: alone and stroking to Me, every single night. Worshipping Me is better than having sex with any woman desperate enough to fuck scum like yourself.

Deepening your addiction to Me is far more fulfilling than any sex you could have with a lonely, ugly girl, or any beautiful woman you pay that would consider you the worst client of your life.

As I said, I like virgins. You’re easier to control, you’re easier to manipulate, because stroking to Me is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Keep it this way. You and I will both be very happy, and after all – isn’t my happiness the most important thing?