Princess Cindi in Permanent Damage American Mean Girls

We have such a great chastity-based relationship and I want to take the time to send you this video message explaining to you exactly what you mean to me. The main joy I get out of keeping you in a steel chastity cage is that I really sense that you hate it LOL. And I like how it allows me to STILL get you to do anything I want- even in those little moments when your not "in the mood" to play. I thought you would like to know that I wouldn’t even be your keyholder if I thought that you would be healthy when I unlocked you. I honestly WANT your dick to shrink down from loooong periods of non-use. I seriously want you to be left with like a 2-inch cock that NO ONE would ever want- haha! Totally ruining your manhood is the real goal for me, really. Although I do get amused too when you tell me about the little things about your chastity that bother you- like when you tell me that it "pinches" or you can’t go to the gym… Honestly, if I am harming your life along the way then I consider it a bonus for ME! So you get to have your fun when you look at my big ass as you strain against the cage… But I get MY enjoyment knowing that I have altered your life on a daily basis and will ultimately shrink that cock of yours permanently. I want your manhood to be a complete JOKE.