Princess Cin in Acceptance Practice

It find it really funny to think that you, even for a split second, assume there’s actually a way out of FemDom.
Just reading this sentence kinda puts everything in perspective, right?
We all know where your mind shifts past that orgasm, but we could never disregard the outcome of every one of your pathetic little attempts to quit.

It’s time to accept it, beta – You could never stay away. And that’s okay!
You were destined to remain the same weak, addicted jerkoff addict you have always been, and nothing could ever change that.
However, your perception can.

It’s time to shift your mind towards permanent acceptance. Practice your level awareness.
I already know you could never scape My web, but it’s time for you to fully embrace it, beta.

You belong to FemDom, you Belong to sin, you belong to Me, and nothing could ever change that.