Princess Chanel in All Slaves Serve Chanel American Mean Girls

Princess Bella is sitting around the manor a little bit bored when she decides to go check out what her roommate Princess Chanel is up to. Since Mean Girl Manor is stocked with multiple slaves usually at least one of the Mean Girls will be using a slave in some way at any given time. In this case Princess Bella finds Princess Chanel enjoying a relaxing bubble bath while two slaves are busily massaging her feet. A third slave is kneeling up on a shelf holding a silver serving tray with a glass of champagne on it for Princess Chanel.

Now for most people this would be a surprising sight to behold but using slaves like this is such a routine thing around the manor that Princess Bella just laughs a bit and carries on a casual conversation like nothing out of the ordinary is going on. They chat about how great it is being a Mean Girl and about how every girl probably just wishes they could live this life. But they both agree that not every girl can do it. First you have to be really pretty but also smart enough to know how to dominate. Princess Chanel is just relaxing the whole time and is texting on the phone with her husband about planning a vacation. Princess Bella suggests that she make one of the slaves pay for it.

This is a great clip for any Mean Girl fan who like me wishes they could serve at the manor for real. I like that it is all about modern female led domestic domination. Domination is not always about leather and whips this is just about every day pampering and service. The slaves are just background objects being used for a purpose but otherwise not even acknowledged in any way. They are basically a foot massaging machine, a human shelf, and towel rack. I’m so jealous of the slaves in this video! Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "8.5".