Princess Ava in Chastity Device Stress Test Brat Princess 2

Chastity devices are only effective if they prevent erections. The smallest device possible that can be fit on the male when flaccid is installed. Males will sometime fidget with their chastity in the acquaintance stage. This is called ‘tugging’. Beta’s will tug at their chastity devices out of frustration and pain. Tugging can compromise chastity integrity. Long term chastity in excess of months can cause the beta cock to get even smaller. If the beta cock gets too small, it can possible slip out of chastity. This is called “shrinkage slip”. Tugging, shrinkage slip, and other chastity issues can cause chastity failure. Chastity failure can lead to unauthorized erections. By law only erections authorized by the keyholder are allowed. Routine chastity tests should be done by the keyholder on their beta. This is easily done while the keyholder is getting dressed for a date, after sex with boyfriend where the cuck could see or hear her, or when the beta is rubbing oil on the keyholders ass. After these activities, the keyholder should inspect the chastity device for any sign of failure. Normal beta cock in chastity in an excited state should look smashed and confined by the device. Check for any sign of pre cum, (chastity tears), leaking from tip. This is considered normal and his desired. Normal whimpering is expected and desired. However whining or foot stomping should be addressed with physical punishment.

In this clip Ava, teases her cuck without mercy and inspects the chastity. She rubs her big ass up against him. She makes him suck her thong while on his knees! How humiliating! The clip also has audio cut ins reminding the beta about how important chastity. The clip ends with a 2-minute slow motion solo tease with JOI and mocking. This edging ends in a blue ball and the beta is told to lock himself back up as soon as the clip is over. Clip has numerous audio clips of many other Brat Princess stars!

  • Post published:12/09/2022
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