Princess Ashley in The Holy Ground I Walk On American Mean Girls

"You enter the bathroom, your collared and gagged slave is chained to the toilet with his head/face in the toilet bowl. You give him some kicks and lashes before you push his face deeper in the toilet bowl with your high-heel boot and then you flush for your joy. You unlock him and lead him into the living room by his leash. Telling him that he has to kiss those places on the floor that were touched by your boots. You take a seat and tell him to lick the sole of your boots thoroughly. Next you tell him to lick the floor under your feet while you laugh at him and tell him how pathetic he is. You even grab his hair and pull his face around the floor using his tongue as a mop to clean the floor. As you had forbidden him to eat you know that he is very hungry. That’s why you collected some leftovers from previous meals in a garbage can. You slowly pour the leftovers on the floor and you step on them and order him to eat it all by lapping up the discarded scraps from the floor and the soles of your boots. Now and then you drag on his leash to make the eating harder. At the end you tell him to place his head into the filthy garbage can and lick it clean. Please the slave verbally during the whole clip, letting him know how pathetic he is in your eyes."