Princess Amber & Princess Ava in Dumb Boyfriend Trained to Obey & Dumb Boyfriend Gets Another Dose Part 1,2

Part 1: Ava has a very dumb cheap boyfriend. He doesn’t buy her stuff when she she says she wants it. He does not do the household chores. She wants him to do the household chores. She takes her boyfriend Mike to see Amber who is an expert on training dumb males. She convinces her boyfriend to go see Amber to "quit smoking". During the therapy session Amber takes advantage of his vulnerabilities and fixes him for Ava.

Part 2: Ava brings her dumb boyfriend back to Amber for another dose. His mind is so weak and is no match for the treatments. In this clip Mike gets another dose! Ava wants Mike to be her toilet paper and in and even smaller chastity. Ambers advance male training techniques work perfectly on a beta male. financial domination, brat girls, chastity, cuckold, female domination

  • Post published:30/08/2022
  • Post category:Femdom