Princess Amber, Princess Alexandria in Eating Alpha Condoms American Mean Girls

Alex and I have become so close (and so in sync with each other) that we’ve even stared going on double dates, from start to FINISH! HAHAHA. Its SUPER funny because we DON’T even plan it! After a LOOONG night fucking our boyfriends, we realize the room is a bit messy (and like ANY MEAN GIRL WOULD) decided to have our old decrepit slave to do the job!

(A PRIVILEGE FOR LOSERS) His old wrinkly big ass crawls into our room and immediately begins to complain how he couldn’t rest last night because Alex and I were making “too much noise”. EWE! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!!!! We had to explain to this dumbass those were the sounds of a hot alpha male pleasing a woman.. In ways that he couldn’t even fathom. (I bet the sounds made his tiny gross cock TWITCH and it was HURTING in his chastity LOL) We stay laying in bed discussing the wild night that we’d just had, allowing this loser to polish our shoes with his tongue and fold our clothes and panties.

When the slave sees our used condoms still on the floor, filled with cum.. He gets super jealous and upset that HE has to clean them up. (AS IF WE WOULD CLEAN THEM UP OURSELVES! GROSS) Unhappy with this loser’s attitude, we to shut him up by making him SUCK those condoms DRY! Just so he could get a TASTE of what it might be like to have a HOT GIRL! HAHAHAHAHA