Princess Amber and Lexi Chase – Slave Squatter 12.04.2021 The Mean Girls

Princess Amber and Lexi Chase – Slave Squatter 12.04.2021 The Mean Girls

Princess Amber is the hottest real estate agent in town. She gets all the best listings. This one is the strangest one she has ever had though…
She is showing the empty home to Miss Lexi Chase, a rich, arrogant housewife.

When they enter the biggest room in the otherwise empty house, there is a conspicuous-looking cage of some sort in the corner of the room. Miss Chase asks, what is that?? Amber explains that the previous owner of the home was a dominatrix and she left her "slave" behind- literally as part of the listing. Like, it literally comes with the house like it is part of the property! They both laugh at this! Amber admits it is totally strange! They have both sort of heard of what a "dominatrix" is, but didn’t even think it was like, a real thing lol. Let alone that they really own real-life SLAVES!

Amber pulls the slave out of its cage to show it off to Miss Chase as a "selling feature" of the home. Amber has been stopping by in between her other showings over the past few weeks and using it to rub her feet as much as she wants. (During those visits, she has been training this "thing" to literally BEG anyone she brings by to buy the house. Like, it knows anytime it is dragged out of its cage, at the snap of Amber’s fingers it is to literally throw itself at the feet of Amber’s prospective buyer, kiss their feet, and BEG them to buy the house from Amber!)

She explains to Miss Chase that it is SO obedient that it will literally do ANYTHING she commands it to! They start by making it do tricks for them like a pet. They both laugh at how pathetic this is, but apparently this "creature" has been totally branewashed and programmed to OBEY any order it is given, instantly and without question!

Miss Chase is starting to warm up to the idea of owning her own slave…this could actually be useful, and a very nice "bonus" feature for this property!

Amber decides to take it to the next level. She commands the slave to take off Miss Chase’s designer shoes and WORSHIP HER FEET! Miss Chase can’t believe it! This thing is literally licking the sweat from between her toes!! But it feels so…good! She wonders if this "thing" enjoys this? Amber shows her the metal chastity device that has been LOCKED ON IT’S COCK! And Amber thinks the previous owner just took the key with her! HAHA! So this slave can’t "enjoy" anything! They both just laugh right in front of the slave’s face about this.

Amber and Lexi begin discussing all the other things this idiot can be used for- from landscaping to home repairs! Miss Chase will need to sell her husband on it, but she thinks the "chastity thing" permanently locked on its cock will help convince him that it is ok for her – even as a married woman – to have her very own slave and use it for whatever she wants, even to worship her feet after a long day. As long as it does whatever it is told, works its ass off, and has its cock locked up permanently!

Amber decides she wants to shove HER own feet into its warm, wet mouth too…just for fun, after having them in her stockings and leather heels all day…

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