Princess Alexandria in Shocked into Submission American Mean Girls

Sometimes I like to just lend out my male chattel to mean girlfriends to use for their amusement. I gave this old bag to Princess Alexandria and just told her to "have fun" being as cruel as she wanted to it. She decided to strap a high-powered ball shocker to its nuts and turn the "juice" all the way up so she could torment it at the slightest push of a button! I LOVE it!! Haha.

Imagine being at Princess Alexandria’s complete mercy like this…with her able to basically electrocute your BALLS..and you KNOW that she doesn’t care ONE BIT about your suffering! (And neither do I, to be honest! LOL) I am such a cruel Owner… To add to the wretch’s humiliation, Alexandria strapped a pig nose on its ugly old face and made it OINK for her as she ZAPPED it over and over again… Then the idiot had the audacity to reach for Alexandria’s FOOT just because she was stomping down on his balls to REALLY push the prongs of the electric ballshocker DEEP into his worthless scrotum. UNACCEPTABLE!

So naturally, she cuffed its hands behind its back. NOW she finally had the old geezer where she wanted it- on the floor at her feet, cuffed, and in PAIN as it screamed for her mercy. The funniest part? Later on, My "PROPERTY" dared to complain about how "merciless" Alexandria is! Because, YEAH, she’s a MEAN GIRL and does NOT care about how much pain a worthless MALE is in!! So later on, I made it grovel at Alexandria’s feet and literally BEG her forgiveness for being so rude to her!