Princess Adrianna & Princess Carmela in Foot Reward For A Broken Slave American Mean Girls

This is Carmela’s personal foot-bitch slave that she owns and uses when she is in Vegas. We just got done like totally beating it in some previous clips so now he gets his "reward" for suffering sooo badly for our amusement and profit. What does this loser get? Our dirty FEET! Haha
I still think it is SO fucking pathetic that some loser will suffer like this just to lick the dirt off our sweaty feet LOL. Oh, and our feet really ARE filthy
! Especially Carmela’s. Haha. but this loser laps at them like a loyal pet getting a treat lol. Sooo disgusting…and pathetic. But it feels good to US, and that is all that matters! So have at it, loser. Lap away at our filthy soles, you pathetic freak. LOL