Organic Princess Brooke in Take a Big Sniff Filth Fetish Studios

Princess Brooke does a ASS TEASE for the camera showing off her INCREDIBLE FAT ASS CHEEKS and spreading them so you can SEE HER ANUS! She winks and flexes it right in your face while BENDING OVER giving you a preview of Jimmy’s future meal! The video continues with Brooke enjoying a BIG PLATE OF RAW VEGETABLES! All of it PERFECT for FARTING! She begins to eat and the clip fades out to her SMOTHER SESSION! Her pants are STINKY AND SWEATY from her workout and she GAGS him with a sweaty sock!! Jimmy gets NO BREAKS as she BOUNCES AND CRUSHES HIS FACE making him SNIFF DEEP IN HER ASSHOLE! She lets multiple FARTS LOOSE but most of them are hot and silent! Only a few can be heard on camera! The video ends with Brooke LAYING A MASSIVE WET LOAD OF SHIT, HER LARGEST TO DATE. On Jimmy’s face and then using plastic gloves to STUFF IT IN HIS MOUTH! Jimmy chokes and gags and the video is cut short because of hot much vomiting occurred!