Organic Princess Brooke in Canadian Heat Smell That Stink Filth Fetish Studios

It’s Been HOT In Canada… In fact… Its the HOTTEST IT HAS EVER BEEN! That won’t stop Princess Brooke from going out, enjoying herself, Shopping AND working out! That is EXACTLY what she did today! Her slave was TIED UP AND WRAPPED IN PLASTIC all day in the heat! She returns and he is JUST WHERE SHE LEFT HIM! Brooke SITS FULLWEIGHT ON HER SLAVES CHEST, CRUSHING HIM as she peels off her socks and pushes her slaves nose right BETWEEN HER TOES! He chokes on the sweaty odor as Brooke LAUGHS! She can smell it too! She sits on her slaves face, MASHING his nose RIGHT BETWEEN HER SWEATY CHEEKS! You can see her fat bum overlap his head, the plastic keeps him from turning away too! MULTIPE STINKY FARTS are BLOWN into his nose AS BROOKE JIGGLES AND WIGGLES! Jimmy is completely SMOTHERED and there is nothing he can do, Brooke is just getting started though! She peels off her grey sweats and begins grinding her slaves nose deep into her SWEATY ASS, STANKY PUSSY, AND MOIST WET SOLES! She even tramples him and BUTT DROPS full weight onto his poor body! The video ends with Princess Brooke UNLOADING One of her BIGGEST POOPS TO DATE! Will Jimmy survive the CANADIAN HEAT WAVE?