Nika Venom in Trains her Beta Boy in Party Protocols

Whenever Nika enters the room she wants her chastity-kept beta-boy to rise to show his respect for his Princess. Nika is hosting a party for Dominant women later and she wants her beta to be perfectly trained so that she can display him. A beta is a reflection of its Princess. If there is anything that Nika wants the beta will need to provide it expediently. Nika tests the beta by sending him to fetch her a specific brand of bottled water. When Nika’s favorite brand of water is presented to her the beta must bow his head and kneel with arms in offering. Once that’s been established Nika has a surprise for her beta. She was going to allow him a release, but instead, she has decided to tie a ribbon to his chastity. The ribbon is a reward to show how good he has been. The beta will not get a release, but he will get a ribbon to wear in front of Nika’s guests. The beta is disappointed. He wanted a release! Nika is so happy tying the ribbon around his lock. Seeing how happy his Princess is the beta stops complaining. Nika picked red for her beta’s ribbon because red is her boyfriend’s favorite color. The red ribbon really makes the beta’s chastity look splashy and pop. Girls at the party will see the beta’s ribbon and know that it means he has been good lately. After Nika’s beta gets his special ribbon Nika wants to work on his foot worship skills. Nika likes to put her feet really deep into the beta’s throat while she reviews her parties RSVPs. The beta will have to worship the feet of any girl who requests it. So far Nika’s beta is doing a good job. She just hopes he stays on his best behavior and doesn’t do anything that embarrasses her at the party. Nika has to pee. She makes the beta crawl behind her into the bathroom so that she can use him as toilet paper. (12:31 long)