Natasha’s Bedroom – Sissy Cheerleader Tryouts

So, you want to join the cheerleading team? We’ve never had a sissy on the team before, but I am a very open minded squad captain. Do you think you have the cheer spirit? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to keep our football players happy and ready to win? Are you girly enough to be a cheer sister?
Show me your best cheer. Not bad for a sissy! Now let’s see how you look in my cute little uniform. You can only join the team if you look teasing and hot in your cheerleading uniform – after all, our sexy bodies are what keeps the football team winning.
There’s another important duty you’ll have to perform if you’re accepted into our group. It’s our job to keep the players happy…in every way. Especially at the post-game celebrations. Can you suck cock with as much enthusiasm as the rest of us girls? Can you be a slutty sissy cheerleader? Get down on your knees and open your mouth…