Natasha’s Bedroom – Object Training

I tear apart your illusion of self, shredding away the last traces of personhood hiding inside. I pull you down into my sea of faceless slaves. You are one of mine now, and that’s all you are. Just like a shoe or a house or a chair; you are merely an object of use. No ego. No identity. No thoughts or will of your own.
You are my object. Not worthy of being named, not worthy of being called by name. You are not “him”; you are “it”. Owned property belonging to me, existing only to augment my ever growing power. You are no longer human. You are simply mine.
You’re an object. A tool, with no use of its own, but very valuable when deployed by the right hands. You are merely a vessel in service of a superior human: me. Your highest virtue is your obedience. Your readiness to be molded however I see fit.