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I’m going to make you live in fear this year.

But only if you do something stupid for me right now.

Can you resist? Probably not. This is an easy blackmail-fantasy extraction — no photos, no videos, just a few pieces of personal information that you’ll have to surrender to me, along with a confession or two. And then? I’ll give you a reward. Or maybe a punishment. That depends on my mood. Either way, you’re in for MORE BLACKMAIL-fantasy.

You’ll hear back from me with a personal task…and after this extraction, you won’t have much of a choice but to do exactly as you’re told. You give me what I want today, and I *will* leverage your weakness later.

When? It could be any time this year.

I’m going to schedule my responses in advance, picking one or two of you to take advantage of a day. You’ll wait in fear until your number is up — until you’re called upon to do whatever I want, whenever I decide to use you.

*I’m very excited about this task. My goal is to recruit at least 365 sign-ups to make 2022 a year of endless blackmail-fantasy. I want YOU to be one of them. Press play. Join the 2022 blackmail-fantasy club.*