Natasha’s Bedroom in Cum FASTER

I’ll be patient with your cock in round 1. The intense build up will have you teetering back and forth from the edge of cumming, as I tease you with my body and subject you to stroking intervals of varying intensity. You’ll be horny, dripping, and desperate — begging for it by the time I tell you to cum for me. And once you do? I’m going to up my demands on your dick. 3-2-1…CUM.

It’s time to level up! I’m going to make you CUM FASTER in round 2. See this timer? Your job is to explode before the finish bell rings out. Ready, set, go!

You’re stroking as hard as you can, cumming again for me, quicker than last time, like a good jerk puppet up for a challenge. It’s not difficult to hit the goal before time is up. We’re still in easy mode right now. But I’m not done with you yet.

I want more from your cock, and I want it FASTER.

With each round, my orgasmic speed demands increase. The pace quickens, the challenge intensifies, until you’re speed milked into submission. Only the biggest cum puppets will make it through the last countdown. Consider that a dare.