Natashas Bedroom in Be My Bitch Humiliation Tasks

You’re my punishment bitch, and your dignity is in my hands now. You know what that means? It means you’re fucked.

I’m subjecting you to a marathon of extremely compromising punishment tasks today. Some of these tasks will turn you on. You’ll enjoy performing them. Others will stretch your limits, but I have a method in place to make sure that you stay hard for me no matter how intensely I embarrass you.

Sure it’s easy to obey in the beginning. I’m teasing you, encouraging you with simple obedience tasks, playfully plying you into a compliant puppet for me. See how good it feels to perform for me? You can tell how much I’m enjoying this, can’t you? The punishment intensifies a notch when I put you in a compromising position and then make you wait helplessly as I mess with you. But you like it when I’m in control. You like it when I make you my bitch. You can handle the punishment when it’s for me.

The true test of your capacity for self-debasement comes at minute 12:27. If you follow through with this task? Congrats, you fucking freak! You really are my bitch, and you’ve earned what I’m going to do to you next.

I’m going to make you masturbation in all kinds of fucked up ways for me, degrading yourself for my entertainment, destroying your dignity one stroke at a time…until you’re so hard for being my bitch that you can barely keep yourself from exploding. Oh do you want to cum? Ok, I’ll let you. In fact, I’m going to *make* you cum…but you’ll have to cum my way. Are you ready for a completely humiliating orgasm challenge?