Mistress Yulia in Multi-Purpose Pony ClubStiletto

Mistress Yuliya really enjoys training her pony in this video. There’s lots of great all-fours riding on the pony’s upper back and neck but there are some other tasks he performs for Mistress Yuliya as well. She orders him to briefly lick her boots at the beginning before she climbs onto his neck. She says she wants to ride on his neck and upper back because it is much harder work for him and she loves to make him work for her. She then commands him to carry her and she makes him carry her for a long time before she dismounts and orders him to place his face in her ass. She farts in his face and then orders him to sniff and lick her ass briefly. Then she mounts him again and rides some more.

She then makes him stop and erotically buck up and down for her pleasure. This arouses her and brings out her sadistic nature. The next thing you know… she has the pony in a scissor hold with her powerful legs… crushing his head beautifully. She then mounts his neck and does some magnificent posing before continuing the riding. She grabs a whip and rides him side saddle for awhile. She makes him moves EXACTLY the way she orders. She makes him stop and briefly lick her stinky, sweaty armpits for awhile. At the end she makes him sniff and lick her ass again before riding him to the toilet throne and ordering him underneath it to prepare for his dinner before she walks away.