Mistress Tess in Tasty Tears

This one is intense.

Mistress Tess is going to cane Her slave, hard, and without mercy. There’s going to be tears. And those tears are going to turn Her on, such the sadist that She is.

Mistress Tess finishes strapping Her slave down as the clip begins, his body already fastened in place, but just to add an even greater degree of restraint to Her slave She places a strap across his head. As the caning begins, all he can do is strain against the bonds, he wants Mistress Tess to take all that She wants from his flesh, but the bonds make doubly sure that there is absolutely no escape from his predicament, no escape from the pain that rushes through his body as this beautiful sadist lands full strength strike after strike.

It’s obvious that Mistress Tess is thoroughly enjoying Herself as She strikes Her slave over and over again, the look on Her face is delicious and She takes great pleasure in tasting and feeding off Her slave’s tears!