Mistress Scarlett Morgan in Testicle Tease with 9” Heels

Watch as I christen My beautiful 9" heels against SquishSax’s balls.

In the mood to tease, Mistress Morgan tests every inch of Her tallest platform pleaser heels against SquishSax’s balls very tender, already bruised and marked balls. Will they pop beneath Her Mighty Heel? Let’s find out.

Slowly teasing and stomping on his balls. Using Her long sharp heel to trace the lining of his ball sack, Mistress Morgan ignores the moans of mercy and squeals of dispair to inevitably apply more pressure. Sadistically giggling as She digs Her heel into the submissive’s tender testicles.
Mistress teases the slave’s bulging, purple balls further. Squishing, Kicking, Stomping, but hearing Her slave suffer only motivates Mistress to progressively get harder with each kick and stomp.