Mistress Sabrina in Suffer For Sabrina Mistress Jennifer & Friends

Mistress Sabrina, clad in red, approached large submissive Michael, circling him and stepping on him with Her heels. She smacked his cock and balls as he sat helpless in the portable stock. She spit down his throat and then fastened the bit gag to him to keep him quiet during CBT. She cock whipped him, kicked him numerous times in the balls and slapped his balls as he stood against the wall.

She then puts on some boxing gloves and punched the large helpless submissive in the balls. She kicked him a few times and then removed the portable stock and bound his arms behind and attached the spreader bar. She proceeded to tease his cock hard as She hung weights from his balls. She attached the nipple clamps and then whipped his stiff shaft.

She removed Her top and teased Her captive with Her beautiful breasts. Taking the heavy whip, Mistress Sabrina proceeded to whip the cock tip of large submissive Michael. She kneaded and stroked him back to hardness and whipped him again. Moved now to his back on the bench, the Mistress applied the cock pump to the helpless submissive and sat heavily on his face as he worshipped Her pussy.

She the sensually spread her long booted legs and dropped Her big ass onto his bound face. His cock was entrapped in the pump and his legs held apart by the spreader bar. She proceeded to ship his cock and make him gobble Her butt hole. She fetched two mousetraps and attached them to his nipples. Moving the razor sharp pinwheel over his trapped nipples made him groan and She sat back down on his face. Moved down to the dungeon, his hands were strung up and She began to whip his ass.

It was then time to deliver a sound beating with the whip to Her spread legged submissive. She delighted in striking up between his legs, lashing his cock and balls over and over. She switched to the leather strap and reddened the helpless submissive’s ass. She announced She had surprise and ordered cum slut Tosha out of the closet. She moved him in place and commanded him to suck cock as She returned to flogging the bound submissive’s ass. She cuffed Tosha’s hands behind and controlled his head as She supervised his cock sucking.

Sabrina pounded Michael’s big ass with the paddle as his cock was down Tosha’s throat. She enjoyed using the little cum slut to keep the large one horny while She administered corporeal punishment. Mistress Sabrina began to milk the cock out right in front of Tosha. She ordered him to open his mouth wide as She stroked. Finally, the cock in Her hand could take no more and it gushed squirt after squirt out into Tosha’s face and waiting mouth. Mistress Sabrina ordered him to lick the balls of the beaten male that had just been milked out.