Mistress Gaia – A true full toilet

I’m fed up with slaves who want to serve me as a full toilet and, when I shit in their mouth, they don’t swallow everything; they just eat a couple of bits and then keep the rest in their mouth, until I let them spit it out. A real full toilet slave must eat all his Mistress shit, up to the last bit, irrespective of the quantity and whether it is hard or soft. From now on, such an attitude will no longer be tolerated and I’m going to demonstrate it today. My slave is laying on the ground, face down, I don’t want him to watch me when I shit and pee, I shit right on the floor, a nice good little mountain of shit. I order the slave to start eating; he must eat directly from the floor, using neither utensils nor his hands. It is a disgusting view to see how he bites and takes the shit in his mouth and gulp it down. When he’s eaten all the shit and licked the floor clean, I order him to drink my pee. It’s the first pee in the morning , as you can see from its dark color, very tasty, a refreshing drink after his meal!!