Mistress Enola in Ear Pulling & Slapping Savage

As you may now there are many rules on the house, as a slave he knows that he is only here to serve me and one the rules that pisses me off when he break it is : Not cleaning the house correctly and taking breaks. So I decided to give him a really hard and unexpected punishment! I ordered him to wait on the living room on his knees! Put a mask on his face and made wholes on the ears area of the mask so I can pull them. He was on his knees and I approached him. The first thing I did is give him 5 very hard slaps and scold him for his behavior. Then pull him by the ears 4 times to lift him off the floor from the ears. You can see his face suffering and astonishment, the didn’t expect that. Then I pulled him by the head and put him on my lap … that’s where the long torment began, I pulled his ears for more than 15 minutes, non-stop, I only stopped for a few seconds to slap him more! And then I grabbed his ears again, sometimes with both hands to pull harder, sometimes both of the at a time shaking his head!… For a moment I thought I would rip them off his head. I told him that I he would end up with dumbo ears when the punishment! I also twisted his ears, from the beginning they were already red as a tomato , even so I did’t stop pulling, bending, stretching them. I wanted to know how flexible they were and how much I could stretch them … hahaha. I have to accept that it was a lot of fun, it was like punishing a little guy. He felt very humiliated. Finally I made him show his ears to the camera to see how big they were and how they had grown. Up to this day they hurt a lot ! He will never forget this!