MissAlikaWhite – Gay or Straight Interactive Game

I don’t care if you’re into coerced-bi or not. You get way too much pleasure stroking your cock to my body so the least you can do is play my little game. You might even get my permission to cum over me wearing this cute outfit. That’s a rare treat! On the other hand you might have to cum while watching another guy’s dick shoot its load!

I’m not telling you the rules here but you can stroke your cock while I explain them in the video.

Win and you get me. Lose and you’ll feel humiliated and weird about it but I don’t care how wrong it feels or if it fucks up your head. I don’t care because you’re nothing but a toy to me. You might start associating orgasms with looking at hard cocks instead of looking at women. Your cock is useless to women anyway so it’s no big loss.

To rub insult to injury, the video will make sure certain words are floating around in your head if you lose.

Remember, I don’t care if you like the fetish, you’re going to play this game for my amusement.