Miss Rose Annne – Cum landfill husband ManyVids.com

You will never touch me again, and you know it, I have another man here who can please me as you never will, and since you have always been a useless husband, you have the opportunity to perform one last act of love, a sacrifice, to make me stay by your side. And not make yourself look like the loser who chased after his wife, his house, and his car. You can lie on the floor, let him suck on top of you, touch your testicles until your cock is hard, while my lover enters the bedroom and chokess me with his huge cock, right with you like this, under me, sucking on my tits and receiving all the milk that comes out of my mouth like a sweet and thick waterfall, you will be the dump of the leftovers of someone more man than you, you will be my cum landfill, until deathh do us part. And at the end you will mop the floor with your tongue and clean my skin until it is clean and smooth, because I know that deep down you like it.