Miss Medea Mortelle in Two Hefty Flavors

Today Miss Madison and I are training a scat toilet together today. Right from the start we make him understand who is in charge here: We, the young, pretty mistresses of course! I make our toilet even more submissive by jerking his cock and hitting his balls. Meanwhile, Miss Madison is already preparing to use his mouth as a filthy shit hole. Our slave has to hold the toilet paper, then Miss Madison pushes out a little chocolate treat first, and then her whole huge load of shit right into his mouth. Now he has to eat her shit! Under our guidance, he manages to swallow at least a few mouthfuls. Then I decide it’s time to give our toilet a second hefty flavor of shit. Whether he likes it or not, now he gets my big scat portion into his mouth! I shove my shit firmly into his mouth and make sure that he doesn’t spit it out again. While Miss Madison jerks our toilet slave, I smear her onto his chest. Then he gets kicked in the balls because he didn’t swallow enough. This is what he deserves and nothing else.