Miss Medea Mortelle in Sweet Promises in Bitter Reality

I realized that my slaves are willing to suffer more for me, if I make sweet promises and seduce them with my glorious, naked body. Therefore I am only wearing an open pink harness for this video & I promise my slave that he may eat delicious jelly beans from my butthole.
After I allowed him to worship my body, I put the candy piece by piece into my asshole. Soon my anus is stuffed completely and feels like it will burst soon. This is because my morning shit has already piled up inside of me.

I command my toilet to go into the receiving position and sit down over his mouth with my ass. As I press, a few of the sweets plop out, but this is soon followed by a huge mountain of scat, which I squeeze into my toilet´s mouth.
Wearing pink latex gloves, I push my brown gift deep down his throat and motivate him with my devilishly-sweet words to eat my shit.
Will my slave consume all of my divine sweets? Find out for yourself.