Miss Medea Mortelle in Step-brother Used as Full Toilet

I really have to use the toilet so hard, but my step-******* is using it. In the end I can´t hold it anymore and go into the bathroom. There I see him jerking off, while sniffing my panties and watching porn! How could he steal the panties of his own step-******? I fight for his phone and then I see what porn he was watching: Women shitting on men! How disgusting can my own family be? Then I realize that I have something against him now and might have a little bit of fun at least. I tell him that I really need to use the toilet, but that he is blocking it. I start undressing and push my ass into his face. I know that he is enjoying it, even though it is humiliating that his own step-****** is doing this to him. Then I make him lie down into the bathtub and piss right into his mouth, looking closely that he is drinking it all up like a good toilet. Then I stand over him and tell him to open his mouth. He will taste the shit of his step-****** and swallow it all!

One of my slaves was holding the camera and I am not satisfied with his work! Hopefully you can still enjoy this clip! If you like incest fantasy, let me know and I will film a similar video! It definitely is my personal fetish