Miss Medea Mortelle in Adult Baby & Dirty Diapers

This is a special video. Normally you only see me in the dominant role, but here comes out my private inclination for ageplay & switching. With my friend behind the camera – in the role of my daddy – I can live out this fantasy freely. I wear a romper and fuzzy socks & tell you that my teddy bear is my very best friend. I cuddle with the stuffed animal and feed him sweets. Then there I discover my blossoming sexuality and start rubbing up against the teddy bear. Since I can’t really go potty yet, my dad diapers me. I enjoy touching myself on the diaper. Whenever I press it against my crotch, it crackles so nicely. Then I urgently need to pee and after a few helpless moments I wee into the diaper. Now the diaper feels heavy and wet. I don’t feel like keeping it on any longer, even though daddy tells me to. I don’t want to be the good little daughter anymore! Straight away, I take off my diaper. Now I will poo directly on it and then dad must wear the shitty diaper!