Miss Alika White in Inferior Loser JOI Training

Hands off your cock now. No touching until you’re playing by my rules.
I’ll let you touch it during this clip, but only when you’re looking at the soles of my shoes. That’s all betas like you deserve. When I show my panties, your hands come straight off your cock. No way do you deserve to stroke to that. For you, there’s no pussy, no tits, just shoes.
If you make it to the end of the clip, I might let you cum. but only while you’re looking at the bottom of my shoe of course.
You’re not allowed to jerk to what alphas get and that’s a good thing. Eventually you’ll learn to find the soles of women’s shoes sexy, if you don’t already. That’ll be handy for you because that’s as good as it’ll ever get for you.
You can keep watching this clip over and over until you yearn to see the soles of my shoes. That’ll be the point when your brain understands what’s suitable for your beta cock to get off to.