Marceline Leigh in Fraternity Initiation Your Bi Fantasy

It’s time for another your bi fantasy story. It’s time for me to reach into the depths of your mind and withdraw one of your deepest, most hidden fantasies so that I can narrate it for your listening pleasure. And we both know what those fantasies involve. You being fucked by other men, being used as nothing more than a mere sex toy. A receptacle for their desires, their pleasure and their cum. In today’s story, you are in college and decide to join a fraternity. Not for the solidarity or the popularity that comes with being in a frat, but so that you can be close to the well sculpted, sexy men that are in it. What starts off as regular pledge tasks and hazing eventually turns into something much more intense. Something more intense than you have ever imagined. You come to realize aspects of yourself that you never knew existed. That pain is your pleasure. That you love to be hurt, humiliated and used up. That you’re a complete masochist. After all, isn’t pain and pleasure two sides of the same coin? So, sit back, relax and make sure your hand is well lubed up for today’s very intense your bi fantasy storytime. **BDSM, humiliation, CEI themes**