London Lix – Fully Immersive 360 Mindwashing Machine Virtual Reality HumiliationPOV

London Lix!
If you haven’t experienced femdom in VR, you have No idea what you’re missing! This takes femdompov to a whole new level! We know you love looking at your computer screen, now imagine computer screens as big as movie screens completely surrounding you! We also know some of you love building your goon caves with multiple screens, but this experience even puts that to shame! This is a fully immersive 360 degree mindfuck experience like nothing else! There is no world around you, just darkness and the screens. This is a mindwashing machine and it is filled with 32 large screen images of some of London Lix’s best clips fully surrounding you and overwhelming your senses! Once you experience femdom in virtual reality, you will never be able to go back to your little computer screen! If you don’t have a headset, now is the time to go get one!
You are a London Lix Junkie! You need to be surrounded and overwhelmed by her. So step into her goon cave and prepare to be mindwashed! You will see London on screens that look like they are on skyscrapers completely surrounding you everywhere you turn. Your head will be spinning from the images alone! But it is the audio that will really fuck you up! The audio is designed to bråinwash you. There are multiple audio tracks entering your ears from different locations. This is meant to confuse the listener and break down his brain. It will be hard for you to focus on just one of her voices, that’s ok, don’t try, just allow her words to penetrate your brain and mindwash you into her mindless gooner. There is no better verbal manipulatrix than Miss London Lix! You won’t ever want to leave her mindwashing machine, but when you do, you will never be the same…
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