London Lix in JOI CHALLENGE 2

The sequel to my infamous ‘JOI CHALLENGE – FULL NUDE’ released November 2021. The goal is to try not to cum, until I give you the cum countdown, if you want to be able to cum for free. If you cum early, you’re going to have to pay. And the longer you last, the higher the fee is for cumming…it’s going to be so frustrating to expensively fail a few minutes before the finish of course, but it’s only fair, right? You’ll have got to stroke to me for longer and oh…the later parts of this clip are worth it indeed. I’ll have stripped out of this lace lingerie, nipple pasties and shiny dress, and be wearing nothing but oil. You might even be able to watch me masturbate. Just make sure you don’t cum to my slippery fingers sliding inside myself unless you’re willing to pay up. I’ll give you your chance to cum when I’m ready for you to; promise… 😉