Lady Bellatrix in How does that Seam Feel on your face Club Stiletto

Lady Bellatrix has a surprise for her slave, she has just used his credit card shopping and bought a sexy pair of denim shorts. The slave has experienced denim on his face before and he knows how harsh it can be, especially that thick seam down the middle of the butt. Bellatrix is known as the Queen of Mean so naturally she plans to push the slave to the max in an attempt to leave him with a nice seam down the middle of his face.

She starts by sitting in forward position on his face and after some grinding, lifts her legs up off the ground and grinds some more. Lady Bellatrix gets off the slave to sit in a reverse position but not before she slaps his face and spits in his face. As soon as she sits on his face she takes her razor sharp nails to the slaves cock and balls while being certain to continue grinding his face under her ass. Next she sits up straight to make him kick for air and while he does she yanks on his nipples. Bellatrix after some fun breath play gets back on the ground and hocks some spit balls into the slaves mouth. Finally, she sits on his stomach using his bent legs as a back rest. She kicks off her stilettos and tells him to kiss, suck and lick her sweaty feet. She uses her toes to grab his tongue and laughs at how beet red his face is, he’ll be remembering her jeans for some time to come.