Krystal Davis in Dommy Mommy Many Vids

Be a good baby slave.

Oh boy. That’s gonna be a tall order to fill.
For starters the mistress demands you lick her boots clean.
Even the dried cum remaining from her last session.
Then as a reward you have to go to your crib until the end of her next session.
Of course you’ll have to wear a new diaper.
And the mistress demands that it should be full when she returns.
But not filled with cum. No touching your pee pee!
At this point cumming shouldn’t be an issue as she points out how small your dick is.
Regardless…no touching!
It’s obvious you cannot be trusted so she’ll have to put gloves on you. Nice pink ones.
Pretty sure cumming is still not an issue.
Now that you can be trusted to fill your diaper properly Mommy is off to her next session.

Good news Baby Slave…Mommy’s boots will soon need more cleaning.