Kira, Molly & Isabella in Hardcore slave Survival final part Kingdom of feet & slaves Slaveshow

Kira and Molly thoroughly humiliated their bitch Isabella and they wanted to end their meeting as hard as they started it ! It seemed to them that the bitch didn ‘t have enough trampling , so they wrapped her in a film , put cigarettes in her mouth and decided to see how this worm would crawl on the floor and smoke , but Isabella ruined everything , the cigarettes in her mouth got wet and fell , so the girls rolled the bitch on the floor with their feet and spanked her with a whip and a belt , for her idiotic behavior !Then they stood on top of her together and began to put pressure on Isabella ‘s body, how the bitch moaned from their weight, how she squirmed, when the girls got tired of hearing her moans , they decided to shove Molly ‘s legs into her mouth , and then hit the bitch in the face with a good slap ! Wait for our next meeting , you nasty bitch !