Kira & Molly in Hardcore slave Survival part 4 Kingdom of feet & slaves

Today, Kira and Molly prepared the following test for their bitch Isabella, the girls led her to a sandy quarry in the heat and started kicking her off, shoving the bitch down and looking at how she rolled into the sand! It was a funny and insignificant sight, the bitch crawled up to her mistresses and fell again, then they decided to put her on her back and use her as a ladder, stepping on her body and climbing up it! Then Kira wanted Isabella to start licking her sweaty and dirty legs, it was very hot and stuffy and her tongue was very useful for cooling her sweaty legs, Molly at this time spanked the bitch and made sure she tried harder, and then they moved on to spanking this bitch, putting her on her knees and listening to her pathetic moans!