Kira & Madison in Isabella’s Toughest Humiliation Part 2 Kingdom of feet & slaves

Isabella saw hell the last time we saw her with Kira and Madison, and if you thought that was cruel… Today, the girls continue where they left off, as Isabella lies in a puddle of mud, still licking all the dirt and dirt off her owners’ feet, and Madison shuts her mouth with all her dirty feet. Then Kira tells the bitch to wash her face with water so she can wash her feet again, Isabella is gagged so much with Kira’s feet with Madison’s help. The girls then submerge her face in water and lower her into the pond while Isabella tries to breathe. Then the girls order her to roll in the mud, ridiculing and humiliating her. In the end, Kira had a very cruel idea when she took some dirt and grass and gave them to the bitch Isabella and ordered her to eat it like a sandwich, because Isabella resists, but does what she is told, like a good little bitch.